January 2018
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ISAA Management Committee members to provide their photos

All office bearers/management committee members are requested to provide a soft copy of their photos which will appear on the ISAA website homepage. If you prefer not to have your photo on the website, please let me know.

Feedback on ISAA Website

Please provide your feedback on the structure and content uploaded on the ISAA website. Unless we receive feedback and comments, we cannot improve it further.

All ISAA Members please visit Resources Page and create your account to access shared resources.

To make this resources page a successful venture, all members are requested to send any of their school resources under the following categories to so that these could be uploaded on this page and are accessible to all members. You could also suggest new categories for this page.

Please suggest any new issues or subjects for discussion on the ISAA Blog.

ISAA Blog is a forum where we are able to bring the issues of mutual interest to Islamic Schools, share our views and create consensus. Without your participation and initiative to come on board and suggest new topic, it will not become a live forum for Islamic Schools.

New ISAA Management Committee elected for 2012-14

At the ISAA AGM held on Saturday 15 September 2012, the following ISAA Management Committee was elected for 2012-14:

President: Br. Abdullah Khan Executive Principal Australian Islamic College, Perth
Vice President: Br. Mohamed Hassan OAM Director/Founder Minaret College Melbourne
Treasurer: Br. Abdulkarim Galea Principal Australian International Academy Secondary Campus, Melbourne
Secretary: Sr. Madenia Abdurahman Retired Principal
Assistant Secretary: Sr. Mafaz Al-Safi Deputy Principal Australian International Academy Sydney

All Islamic Schools please come on board and get ISAA Membership

All Islamic schools in Australia are invited to become members of the Islamic Schools Association of Australia. Please visit our Membership Page and download the Membership Form. Membership Fee for each school is only $500.00 per year.

All Members schools to urgently send one or two photos from your school for the animated banner.

Please design a banner or send at least one or two photos representing your school which will appear in the animated banner on the ISAA website Homepage. I have copied one of the photos from your website and pasted it in the banner for the time being. Please provide your feedback, if you would like to keep the same photo in the banner.

Six Months Free Subscription Offer from Schoolzine E-Newsletter for ISAA Members

Schoolzine has offered six month free subscription offer for ISAA schools. Please see details of their services on their website and a sample newsletter on