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ISAA AGM & Annual Conference 2012

ISAA AGM and Annual Conference were conducted on Saturday 15 September. Agenda for Friday 14 September Conference was open to all (including Administrators, Governors, teachers etc) as follows:

Friday 14 September

9.30 Conference Registration

10.00 Session 1 Umrah Opportunity for Girls & Boys in 2013

Abdulkarim Galea / Issa Alkhazali (Muslim World League)

11.00 Morning Tea

11.30 Session 2 Gonski Report & Disability Funding

Bill Daniels Executive Director, ISCA (Independent Schools Council of Australia 0

12.30 Lunch & Prayer

2.00 Session 3 iPad/tablet and Laptop Programs – AIA experience

Abdulkarim Galea

3.00 Session 4 Teacher Appraisal & the National Standards

AbdulKarim Galea / School Principals

3.30 Afternoon Tea

4.00 Session 5 Islamic Studies Programs in Schools

School Presentations

5.00 Close


Annual General Meeting

Saturday 15 September 2012


9.30                 Annual General meeting     


Minutes of Last Meeting: Confirmed:                                  Seconded:

Correspondence        Mail: Inwards & Outwards:


President’s Report

  1. Membership: 8 Campuses in VIC, NSW, WA comprising approx. 7,000 students.
  2. Umrah Excursion for male and female students 24 march-8 April 2013 (approx.)
  3. Attending meetings of ISCA Independent School Council of Australia Consultative Council (usually in Canberra)
  4. Communicating with all Islamic schools about educational issues.
  5. Distribution of AIS Briefing papers to keep all schools informed about important issues and changes that relate to education and Islamic schools.
  6. Supporting the work of AARE Australian Association for Religious Education
  7. Downloading and disseminating reports that relate to education.
  8. Visiting schools in home state, usually associated with official events. NP Islamic cluster Group will morph into Islamic Schools Network.
  9. Organising annual AGM and Conference and associated elections
  10. Taking care of finances and ensuring transparency in finances.
  11. Promoting membership, administrative and regulatory maintenance.
  12. Website maintenance (unsuccessfully) and maintenance of domain names and site address.

Financial Report

The finances for the last financial year 16 August 2011 – 15 August 2012 are presented to the Association for approval. The Financial statement shows a closing balance of $68,650.51 which is $1,996.10 more than the closing balance at 16 August 2011.

That the Financial Statement for 2011-2012 be received and confirmed .

10.30    Nominations and Elections for ISAA Management Council

1. President                                                     

2. Vice President                    

3. Treasurer                             

4. Secretary                            

5. Assistant Secretary (Membership)

10.50               2013 – 2014 Meeting Schedule

11.00               Morning Tea

11.30               Governance Issues

12.30               ISAA Discussion Issues

                        2013 Priorities; State Chapters; Website; Future Planning et. al.

1.30                 Prayer & Lunch

2.30                 Delegates depart